What we do

There were three of us in a crowded pub. Dan had just finished his mid-afternoon snack and left a plate that could have been an award winning creation by Jake and Dinos Chapman. Guacomole had been involved and that is never pretty. He Who Must Not Ever Be Named was fondling his MacBook Pro while contemplating a move up to an Air (what price fidelity eh?) and Carole was thinking about nicking her Morreti beer glass because it was so pretty.

“So how do we describe Praecedo then?” asked Dan stroking his stomach. “We’ve got to get this website done, people keep asking.”

“Shall we just say that the Praecedo team will do anything it is able to do to help you tell your story, sell your product or make your point.
Our weapons of choice are pictures and words in print or on the web but we can produce festivals, exhibitions, interactivegames and events if required”.