About us

Praecedo is a team of skilled marketing creatives who came together when the outsourcing Armageddon hit the international publishing company where they had happily worked for 10+ years.

Carole Richmond (Word Stuff)

Carole is a trained journalist and copywriter.
She learnt to type on an Olivetti and has worked in a world where there were no desk-top computers but carbon paper and Tippex were both in copious supply.  There are few blocks in the corporate world that this woman has not been around. She prefers the Praecedo way of working as it allows her to bake cakes or ride her bike when she is stuck for an idea rather than sit in meetings and discuss spreadsheets (which have never, ever made any sense to her).

Fred Richmond (Drawn Stuff)

Fred graduated from Portsmouth University with a 2:2 in 3D animation.  We believe he may be the only person to be marked down for doodling in an art exam.  He’s only stated ambition is to remain fourteen for the rest of his life and, ten years on, has been successful. Fred can draw anything (except a salary, so far).

Dan Bryant(Design Stuff)

Dan is a multi-talented graphic designer with over ten years experience in the marketing department of an international publisher.  His career was collateral damage in the outsourcing armageddon but he still hasn’t managed to get out on his mountain bike because people keep asking him to do design stuff.  That’s because he is very good at it.

He Who Must Not Ever Be Named(Digital Stuff)

This man is a digital genius and escaped the outsourcing armegeddon by using words that nobody else could understand. An extremely skilled e-communicator HWMNEBN is a fully committed member of the Praecedo team who will work every spare minute he has to turn stuff round quickly.  He likes fast cars and exotic holidays too much to give up his day job yet.